Feather Publishers

Generate 3rd-party revenue. Keep visitors onsite.

Monetize your content while delivering the best purchase experience on the internet, without redirecting your audience off site.

How does 1o work?

Say goodbye to redirect links.

Tag-Level e-Commerce lets you embed merchant partner checkouts directly within your content with nothing more than a JavaScript tag, elevating all the metrics you care about:

  • Increased TOS

    Bring visitors into the purchase funnel without asking them to leave the page.

  • Increased RPMs

    Keep the visitors on page longer, offering the ability to create additional ad revenue.

  • Increased 3P Revenue

    Increase post-click conversions by reducing bounce rates and cart abandonment... transparently.

  • Frictionless UX

    Provide an express purchase allowing a visitor to instantly checkout and return to your content.

What does Tag-Level eCommerce mean for publishers?

Supercharged performance with no additional technology or development needed!

Zero-effort setuP

No backend tech needed. No API integration.

Simply copy and paste our links into your page content and you’re ready to transact sales for your merchant partners.

Zero effort

Seamless content integration

We fit wherever you want.

Clickable text. Embeddable buy buttons. Responsive banners that fit in any page placement. Whatever works best for your content, your site, your brand—we work within it.

  • Content (websites)
  • Online ads
  • Video units
  • Social

What 1o gives you

Greater Performance. Greater Control. Greater Visibility.

  • Complete control

    Remain in complete control of your content, what is sold, and of visitors throughout the purchase funnel.

  • Clear Attribution

    Always get credit for the sales you generate. Performance data is instantly visible and 100% owned by you.

  • Increased Clout

    Selling more products for your partners means making your site more attractive for direct media buys.

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