One shop, endless placement opportunities

Branded and fully responsive embeddable shops that make products shoppable anywhere on the web, and allow product purchases at the point of discovery.


Content placements

Sell and buy anywhere.

Users complete an entire e-commerce transaction at the point of discovery without ever leaving the page.


Place a fully functional store listing within any website or blog.

Allow visitors to instantly buy products directly from within the content they are consuming.

Ad banners

Online Ads

Complete sales transactions within ad units.

Users can check product details, configure products and make instant purchases within an ad itself.

Video units

Make products directly shoppable from video units.

Place 1o Shops within video players and allow people to buy products instantly, without ever leaving the video.


Social placements

Create a native buying experience on any social media platform.

Allow users to shop from content creators and complete their purchase without ever leaving the platform.


Create beautiful and comprehensive product detail pages.

Custom microsites with unique URLs and product details are automatically generated every time a 1o Shop is created.



Express integration

Integrating a 1o Shop is as easy as embedding a creative asset like an image or YouTube video. It only takes one line of code to turn any product link into a "buy" button.



Offer seamless and frictionless checkout experiences

The shortest path to purchase on the web allows users to purchase quickly, with a more enjoyable experience. With no additional technology, 1o pre-fills consumer information from their browser and device and supports all major payment methods.

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