Welcome to 1o! We’re glad you’re here. And we promise to help you all the way to achieving the success you are looking for. These guides are meant to walk you through any doubt or issue you might have getting started.

1o offers frictionless ecommerce through its 1o Shops. Sell anywhere with fewer clicks and generate more sales. The 1o Shops are responsive and can be used virtually anywhere. And if you can’t use JS, there’s microsites that can be used as landing pages.

We want to help you be successful with your 1o setup. So we have gathered the information you need to get started. Whether you need to change the size of a 1o Shop, or you need assistance with getting it embedded on your site, we have all the tools you need in this setup guide. If you feel something isn't working or should be clear and easy - but isn’t - reach out and someone will help you.