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Curation 3.0

Envision a world where affiliate marketing and direct to consumer sales meet. A world in which you get a fair compensation for the hard work you've put in and the audience you've built.

In our world, curators are the missing link between brands and consumers.

Contectual offers

Contextual eCommerce

Your content, enhanced with eCommerce.

You've created fantastic content, and 1o makes this content even more enjoyable by integrating and simplifying the purchase process for your audience. Make the products and services you've written about shoppable!

Seamless User Experience

Create the best experience for your readers.

Stop sending your audience away to confusing websites and apps. Buyers can complete an entire eCommerce transaction without ever leaving your page. 1o checkout works seamlessly and guides a buyer through a purchase with incredible ease. Enhance the reader's experience, and it will result in more time on-site and increased revenue.

Seamless experience

Express Integration

A fully operational web store inside your content.

Integrating a 1o shop is as easy as embedding a creative asset. It only takes 1 line of code to turn any product link into a "buy" button. Allow 3rd party merchants to make sales on your site, generating incremental revenue!

Easy integration

Data Transparency

Audit the revenue your readers generate.

1o makes transaction data transparent to all parties in real-time, allowing you to optimize the conversion funnels for revenue. Start capturing data firsthand instead of relying on reports from retailers and affiliate networks. You get rock-solid attribution!


With 1o, the point of discovery becomes the point of sale.

Make your products shoppable across the internet, and simplify each purchase. With every additional click, more buyers leave. Each step in the purchasing process leads to more abandoned carts. 1o offers brands a simplified purchase funnel that minimizes user friction and clicks. A consumer can buy products directly from you anywhere on the web, in as little 5 seconds.


How it Works

With 1o checkout consumers can complete a transaction at the point of discovery - without ever leaving your page.

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    1. Create amazing content

    Do what you do best - building an audience and providing them with amazing and trustworthy content like reviews, reports, and lists.

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    2. Embed 1o checkout widget

    Simplify purchases of products and searvices mentioned in your content by embedding a safe, secure, and as easy to set up 1o checkout widget on your website.

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    3. Make money

    Audit purchases users make using 1o widget inside your content, without ever leaving your page. Get paid. Build trust. Optimize for conversion!

Shop everywhere.

Say goodbye to the clunky process of redirecting users, and say hello to the simplest purchasing experience in existence.

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